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No more games over polls: Fakhrul

Yesterday, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Secretary General of BNP, stated that their party and people won't allow any game to take place in the name or a national election in Bangladesh. "You (govt), have created a subservient Election Commission that executes your orders. You plan to hold an election in which voters will not go to the polling stations, and you'll vote through EVMs. He stated that such elections are not allowed by the public. The leader of the BNP said that their party wants to see a real election in order to take over the responsibility for running the state in the love of the people. Jatiyatabadi Urlema Dal organized the program at Jatiya Press Club to mark its 42nd anniversary. Fakhrul claimed that Bangladesh was liberated with the dream of establishing democracy in a free society. But Awami League has established "one-party rule". "Now, there is no democracy, election accountability, law and order in the nation. We didn'